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Welcome to Guardian Centers, America’s premier disaster preparedness and validation center.

Guardian Centers of Georgia is unlike any other training facility in the world – a modern cityscape that enables realistic, large scale disaster response exercises, with involvement of multiple organizations, from “boots on the ground” first responders…to leadership teams from local, state, and federal authorities.

Born of need and shaped by experience, the Guardian Centers in Perry, Georgia puts everything in one place, creating a single site to test plans, people, and equipment…and eliminating the need for multiple drills and multiple sites.

The 830 acre complex, available for use 24/7 throughout the year, can simulate almost any disaster, on almost any scale…enabling up to 7,000 participants at a time to train in a realistic cityscape.

To find out more about how the site can help you, please contact us.

Real Disasters. Real Training. Guardian Centers.

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