Acre Training Facility
SQ FT Secure Office/Academic Space
Acres Realistic Multistory Cityscape
Participant Training Capacity

Explosives Testing & Training Ranges

Onsite & Offsite Lodging Options

4 Lane D.O.T. Highway

Full Service Commercial Dining Facility

What our clients are saying.

"I’ve seen a lot of sites around the world – this is the most complex site I’ve ever seen. This is Disney for rescuers."

− Chris Schaff | Fairfax County Fire Department Battalion Chief and Commander VA-TF1

"The 830-acre property can recreate just about any disaster scenario imaginable…the diverse disaster scenes are really what makes this place state-of-the-art"

− Nick Valencia | CNN

"When my eyes first saw this, it was a wow factor. Our men and women have been around the proverbial block for many years, but this facility, these types of environments we’re finding here really puts us to work. "

− Louie Fernandez | FEMA Spokesman

"I’ve seen other training sites around the country; nothing is as extensive or as realistic as Guardian Centers."

− Lieutenant General (Ret.) Guy C. Swan | Former Commander USARNORTH

"You will not see a more realistic environment than this anywhere in the world apart from a real incident."

− Bob Rea | UK Firefighter (Ret.), UK Fire Service College

"We really never had a venue that could allow us to integrate virtually all of that training into a single location…Guardian Centers gets that to a ‘T’"

− General (Ret.) Gene Renuart | Former Commander USNORTHCOM, NORAD

"The most realism in training I have ever experienced! Absolutely the best training facility and props available."

− Dennis Schoen | HazMat & Tech Search Specialist NM-TF1

"Everything that we would see in a disaster that we would respond to, they have created here."

− Keith Fontana | Paramedic IL-TF1

"I think it gives them the best reality that you can find in the country."

− Joe Hernandez | FL-TF2, President, Disaster Medical Solutions

disaster preparedness

Disaster Preparedness

As we know all too well, disasters come when we least expect them. In recent history, we have learned valuable lessons on the importance of proper training and preparation. Guardian Centers was conceived, designed and purpose built to help first responders from different agencies work together to act swiftly and decisively in times of crisis.

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Technical Rescue

With the scenarios facing responders today, they are consistently challenged with increasingly difficult situations. The ability of Guardian Centers to scale scenarios to various degrees of difficulty is invaluable to increasing the experience and capabilities of today’s first responders.

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Tactical Training

Military and security protection operational readiness is paramount to a stable society. Guardian Centers possesses a facility unlike any other. With a fully secured city or “Metroplex” available for training and exercises, clients are limited only by their imagination.

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Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and high yield Explosive events pose a wide range of threats. Guardian Centers possesses the expertise and facilities to not only learn the basics of handling, measuring, and mitigating these types of threats, but with a fully secured city or “Metroplex” clients are able to exercise these skills in a realistic environment with real world materials.

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