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Meeting Every Requirement

The Department of Defense has many types of teams to respond to technical rescue situations as well as teams to assist civilian agencies and help citizens in the event of an emergency through the Defense Support of Civil Authorities mission. These teams are trained in many of the search and rescue skills in the same way as civilian teams. Guardian Centers welcomes the opportunity to provide the civilian technical rescue training curriculums and certifications to members of our armed forces as well as provide instructors with the knowledge and experience to teach your unit courses designed to meet your training objectives. Additionally, Guardian Centers has the ability to develop customized curriculum and provide training to meet any rescue situation you may encounter to include working in permissive or non-permissive environments. Our key personnel and subject matter experts have the experience and past performance to deliver the best training available. Guardian Centers provides instructors and controllers with backgrounds in serving and instructing DoD teams. They understand how the teams work, what their capabilities are, and how to best meet their training objectives.
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As a holistic training solution Guardian Centers has the ability to plan, prepare and execute training focused on the integration of multiple military and civilian first responders validating the operational capability of each training organization to respond appropriately to large scale incidents.

Guardian Centers’ staff were incredibly pro-active. Everything from last minute search dogs to getting specific ethnic/language capable role players and everything in between was taken care of at the right place and right time every time.

Major Robert J. Casey

Combat Rescue Officer, 308th Rescue Squadron

I’ve seen a lot of sites around the world – this is the most complex site I’ve ever seen.

Chris Schaff

Fairfax County Fire Department Battalion Chief and Commander VA-TF1

The 830-acre property can recreate just about any disaster scenario imaginable…the diverse disaster scenes are really what makes this place state-of-the-art.

Nick Valencia


When my eyes first saw this, it was a wow factor. Our men and women have been around the proverbial block for many years, but this facility, these types of environments we’re finding here really puts us to work.

Louie Fernandez

FEMA Spokesman

I’ve seen other training sites around the country; nothing is as extensive or as realistic as Guardian Centers.

Lieutenant General (Ret.) Guy C. Swan

Former Commander USARNORTH

You will not see a more realistic environment than this anywhere in the world apart from a real incident.

Bob Rea

UK Firefighter (Ret.), UK Fire Service College

We really never had a venue that could allow us to integrate virtually all of that training into a single location…Guardian Centers gets that to a ‘T’.

General (Ret.) Gene Renuart

Former Commander USNORTHCOM, NORAD

This is the only [facility] that I’ve seen that has all of these venues here on one site. It’s like picking off a menu. You tell them I want this, this being this and this is how I want it done and they make it happen.

Chris Schaff

Fairfax County Fire Department Battalion Chief and Commander VA-TF1

Everything that we would see in a disaster that we would respond to, they have created here.

Keith Fontana

Paramedic IL-TF1

I think it gives them the best reality that you can find in the country.

Joe Hernandez

FL-TF2, President, Disaster Medical Solutions

Thanks for providing the dream, facility, and logistical support that resulted in the overwhelming success of exercise Scarlet Response.

Colonel Steven Redifer

Commanding Officer, USMC CBIRF

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Please note: Guardian Centers does not offer individual course registrations at this time. We are currently in the process of updating our official training and course list, as well as adding a wait list for individual registrations. Please check back soon for further details.

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