TECGEN® Brand Announces Sponsorship with the Guardian Centers of Georgia

Greenville, SC, April 3, 2014--INVISTA's TECGEN® brand is pleased to announce that it has entered into a brand and gear sponsorship with the Guardian Centers of Georgia. As a disaster preparedness and validation center, the Guardian Centers' 830-acre property includes command and control space, multiple large marshaling areas, a simulation interstate and a 75-acre simulation city. As part of its sponsorship with the Guardian Centers, the TECGEN® brand has donated gear for Guardian Center personnel and trainers to wear during disaster simulations, training exercises and everyday use. TECGEN® protective garments offer firefighters dual-certified protection and are the cool, lightweight, single-layer alternative to wearing bunker gear on every call.

"When we visited the Guardian Centers for the first time, we were wowed by its realistic simulation city, collapsed structures, subway tunnel, residential flooding section and numerous other features," said Todd Herring, director of TECGEN XTREME® protective apparel. "You have to really see the center for yourself to understand how impressive it is. Not just in its enormity and scale, but in the types of training and simulations that can occur at the Guardian Centers. The center is ideal for firefighters and other first responders to do confined space, high angle rope, vehicle extrication and other types of training. We are pleased to announce the TECGEN® brand sponsorship with the Guardian Centers. Our team is excited about this sponsorship and we're proud to donate TECGEN® gear for use during rigorous Guardian Centers scenarios and events."    

About the Guardian Centers of Georgia

Guardian Centers of Georgia is a private sector entity located in Perry, Georgia. The Guardian Centers' 830-acre complex can simulate almost any disaster on any scale, enabling up to 7,000 participants at a time to train in a realistic cityscape. The Guardian Centers offers fully operational, modern cityscape simulators that allow emergency responders to realistically test their ability to deal with real-world manmade and natural disaster situations. The facility is ideal for involvement from "boots on the ground" first responders to leadership teams from local, state and federal authorities. To learn more about the Guardian Centers visit www.guardiancenters.com.  

About TECGEN® Brand

The TECGEN® brand is a registered trademark of INVISTA, one of the world's largest integrated polymer, intermediates and fibers businesses. INVISTA's patented TECGEN® fiber was developed with next-generation flame resistance technology for protective clothing. The fiber is used in two primary garment lines, one designed for use by wildland and technical rescue firefighter applications and the other for manufacturing, transportation, mining, oil and gas and energy utility operations. TECGEN® garments for firefighters are UL certified to exceed NFPA 1951 (Technical Rescue) and NFPA 1977 (Wildland Firefighting). TECGEN® gear is used for a variety of firefighting responses including extrication; search and rescue; MVA; wildland; grass and brush fires; confined space; trench rescue; high/low angle rescue and good will calls. It is also suitable for support personnel and junior firefighting/explorer programs. To learn more about INVISTA's TECGEN® brand and products, please visit www.tecgenfr.com.  


INVISTA is one of the world's largest integrated producers of polymers and fibers, primarily for nylon, spandex and polyester applications, a business presence in over 20 countries, INVISTA's global businesses deliver exceptional value for their customers through technology innovations, market insights and a powerful portfolio of global trademarks including: ADI-PURE®, ANTRON®, AVORA®, C12™, COMFOREL®, COOLMAX®, CORDURA®, CORFREE®, DACRON®, DBE®, DYTEK®, FRESHFX™, LYCRA®, PERFORMA™, POLARGUARD®, POLYSHIELD®, POLYCLEAR®, SOLARMAX®, STAINMASTER®, SUPPLEX®, SUPRIVA®, TACTEL®, TACTESSE®, TERATE®, TERATHANE® and THERMOLITE®. More information on INVISTA can be found at www.INVISTA.com - See more at: http://fire.tecgen.com/news/2014-04/tecgen-brand-announces-sponsorship-with-guardian-centers-georgia/#sthash.lAmhl6kx.dpuf

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